Career Binder

Resource Management Committee (HRC) of All India Retail Group (AIRG) is a dedicated internal committee , which is working towards the employment support for its members. It is launching CAREER BINDER, which will be  focusing on employment drive of the youth in the different verticals of retail and real estate. This committee keeps the trend of the ongoing employment opportunities into the retail sector and shares this relevant  opportunities with the available resources.  It also guides them to enhance their portfolio and assist them in their placement. Similarly, its employer members , share their required openings and sources for best of the retail professionals from and  among the AIRG members. The  group then works like an independent self-help group. AIRG has tied up with many placement agencies specialized in retail sector and works hand in hand to place their people.

AIRG members seeking employment can register their profile on the AIRG website ( and employers can source those profile from the AIRG resume databank.  Speaking on this launch,  ZAFAR IQBAL , who is a Co-founder of  this association stated ,that, this employment services have been launched looking at the job loss of our members during this pandemic. AIRG has been working aggressively towards the placement of people. At AIRG, it’s believed to serve the community and support this noble cause