Term & Conditions

AIRG Membership Criteria

Membership criteria are set to ensure that professionals within AIRG membership are committed to the mission, vision and values of the AIRG, as well as a steadfast belief in retail, real estate, social responsibility, personal and professional development along with organizational growth, and collaboration with other like-minded institutions.

A professional seeking membership of AIRG should meet the following criteria:

  • Must be of sound mind and Indian National 
  • Be active in retail and real estate or a closely related field. 
  • Endorse the values and general principles of the AIRG, as reflected in its strategic plan. 
  • Represent an organization, institution, agency and active in the AIRG’s priority areas; and
  • Be actively supporting the attainment of the AIRG Code of conduct
  • Must be approved by the AIRG National Council
  • Must be professional or promoter in any retail or real estate organization
  • Must be willing to volunteer and contribute to AIRG by way of knowledge, leads, contacts, and participation
  • People willing to agree to AIRG’s Code of Conduct (COC)
  • People willing to recruit at least one incremental new member every calendar year
  • The applicant must have a demonstrable clean track record in a retail field relevant to AIRG membership policy.

Termination of Membership

Lapse of membership

Membership shall be renewed upon timely payment of annual subscription fee.  You must also pay any subscription arrears before being reinstated.

Suspending your membership

Members may be suspended from their membership as a disciplinary action on violation of code of conduct or on serious allegation of bribery.  During suspension, all membership privileges will be temporarily withdrawn but member must continue to pay your fees.

Expelling your membership

AIRG may choose to terminate your membership as an appropriate disciplinary action in case of proof found any after enquiry on allegation of bribery.  You must pay all arrears up to your termination date before being reinstated. We will also decide when we will allow you to be reinstated.

Deceased members

We will close your membership immediately once we have verified that death has occurred. Inquiries regarding the AIRG membership application procedure can be addressed to AIRG secretariat: info@airg.in. To become AIRG Members click on the below links to register online or alternatively download application form and email us filled in form on info@airg.in
Register Offline: Download Membership Application Form