Development of Retail Industry (DORI) is an annual meet of All India Retail Group (AIRG) members to promote organized retail and empower retail community in India. The main objective of DORI is to seek & promote the entire retail value proposition through empowerment of retail community,  respect for all, to unite likeminded people to raise awareness among retail fraternity.

Last year in 2019 DORI was held on Friday, 8th March 2019 at in Ocean Pearl, New Delhi and it was turned to be a mega event. The theme of the MEET was Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development of Retail in India. The MEET was attended by Government dignitaries, Promoters of retail brands, Senior Retail Professionals, Human Resource, Recruitment, Training, Legal, Financial and Architectural & Design Partners and other Retail support functions along with retail and real estate professionals of various brands and shopping malls.

This platform helps us to make dialogue with leaders who seek to foster awareness on social and environmental responsibilities to save future of retail and our planet. This MEET was attended by well-known leaders who takes keen interest in all issues related to retail and its growth. We are very happy to invite you to our next, DORI to participate, learn and share valuable knowledge and enlighten the retail fraternity.

Looking forward to meeting you in next AIRG Annual Meet, DORI to enjoy our networking meet followed by cocktails and dinner. Kindly register yourself on to stay updated on date, time and venue of DORI.