Membership Criteria

Membership criteria are set to ensure that professionals within AIRG membership are committed to the mission, vision and values of the AIRG, as well as a steadfast belief in retail, real estate, social responsibility, personal and professional developmentalong with organizational growth, and collaboration with other like-minded institutions.

A professional seeking membership of AIRG should meet the following criteria:

  • Must be ofsound mind and Indian National
  • Be active in the area ofretail and real estate or a closely related field
  • Endorse the values and general principles of the AIRG, as reflected in its strategic plan
  • Represent an organization, institution or agency andbe active social welfare of retail fraternity and AIRG’s priority areas; and
  • Be actively supporting the attainment of the AIRG Code of conduct.
  • Must be approved by the AIRG National Council
  • Must be professional or promoter working in any retail or real estate domain
  • Must be willing to volunteer, contribute and donate his/her skills to AIRG social welfare schemes
  • Agree to AIRG’s Code of Conduct (COC)
  • People willing to recruit new employees to contribute employment generation
  • The applicant must have a demonstrable clean track record in a retail field relevant to AIRG membership policy.

Members Benefits